Prequalification Worksheet

(Lending area limited)

Pre-qualification is the method used to relate the borrowers total gross monthly income to the expected monthly mortgage payment and the expected total monthly debt payment.

Please fill in all of the information in the sections indicated on the worksheet below. If you are a first-time home buyer, Foxboro Federal Savings has special programs available to make the purchase of your home more affordable.


Foxboro Federal Savings



Fax Number:

(508) 698-1802


Fax Number:


Loan Department


Phone Number:




Address :

Would you like us to reply via email or phone?

Email: Phone:


Mortgage Information


Purchase Price of Property


Down Payment:


Mortgage Amount: (Line1-Line2)

Gross Monthly Income


Monthly Wages:


Monthly Bonus:


Other Monthly Income:


Total Gross Monthly Income:

Monthly Payments on Non-Housing Debt


Installment Loans:


Credit Card Payments:


Other Monthly Obligations:


Total Monthly Payments:

In order that we may better assist in your choice of mortgage
programs, please answer the following:

Will this be your primary home?: Yes
How long will you plan to own this property approximately?:

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