Debit Card Info

SUM Network

We offer customers access to a network of surcharge free ATMs throughout New England. Foxboro Federal is pleased to announce it is a member of the SUM Network. Through SUM Network membership, our customers are able to avoid paying ATM surcharges whenever they use a SUM ATM. For locations of participating ATMs please click on the SUM image.
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Travel Notification

To protect you from Identity Theft, debit card transactions outside the New England area require you to enter your PIN#. However, for your convenience, if you plan to travel, please notify us so that we can allow debit card activity without this restriction for the length of your stay. You can call us at (508) 543-5321 or you can notify us via Online Banking.

Daily Limits

Each card has a daily ATM withdrawal limit of $500 and a daily POS limit of $1,500.

Loss or Theft of Card

Should your debit card get lost or stolen, please notify us immediately to prevent any loss to your account. You can restrict usage to your card via your online banking or call us at (508) 543-5321; after hours (833) 337-6075.

Card Valet Access

You can set up alerts for debit card transaction via a free downloadable app called Card Valet. Manage your debit account and protect yourself from fraud; set up your debit card, and then manage and monitor it wherever you go!
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